Caravan on Regio projects sustainability promotion – opportunities and challenges

This caravan is part of the events series for promoting Regional Operational Program projects having the aim to develop the entrepreneurship among women.

Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Agency and the Association for Women Entrepreneurship Development organize this event as part of caravan series for promoting Regional Operational Program projects in Bucharest-Ilfov Region having the aim to sustain the development of entrepreneurship among women.

Agenţia pentru Dezvoltare Regională Bucureşti-Ilfov şi Asociaţia pentru Dezvoltarea Antreprenoriatului Feminin organizează acest eveniment ca parte a caravanei de promovare a proiectelor derulate prin Programul Operaţional Regional - REGIO în Bucureşti-Ilfov, având scopul de a sprijini dezvoltarea antreprenoriatului în rândul femeilor. 

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