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Initial development and design by: Subsolutions.newmedia, Piccaverweg 27, 1140 Vienna, Austria

Maintenance and further developement by: IXSOL – innovative solution gmbh, Millergasse 21/2, 1060 Vienna, Austria

Maintained from 2015-2022: Institute for Managing Sustainability, Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), Welthandelsplatz 1, A-1020 Vienna

Policy of the medium pursuant to § 25 of the Austrian Media Act (Mediengesetzt, MedienG): Provision of an online platform to be used by third parties for the purpose of publicizing information on sustainability-related initiatives carried out by various groups.

Gender-neutral language: Any words and designations that are used on this platform to refer to natural persons in masculine form only are meant to include both men and women alike. If a word or designation is used to refer to a specific natural person, the appropriate grammatical gender shall be used in each case.

Platform: With this Platform, the ESDN Office allows users to upload photographs, texts, graphics, etc. (“Content”) related to sustainability for presentation to an interested audience. Users retain all rights to, and are solely responsible for, User Content.  The ESDN Office’s role is solely that of technical distributor/site host which has no influence over User Content and does not supervise Content. Pursuant to §16 (1) of the Federal Act governing certain legal aspects of electronic commercial and legal transactions (E-Commerce Act – ECG), the ESDN Office is responsible for illegal content only if it does not remove or disable access to it within three business days of learning of it. If Users become aware of any Content that violates any laws or rights, they are requested to report it without delay to

Limitation of liability: Any liability of the ESDN Office and its organizational units, employees, contractors, or other agents is limited to acts committed by intent or gross negligence. Any liability for acts committed by simple negligence shall be excluded. This disclaimer does not apply to any injury to persons or damage to items the ESDN Office has accepted for processing. In cases where the liability of the ESDN Office is excluded or limited, the limitation or exclusion of liability shall also apply to the personal liability of the ESDN Office’s organizational units, employees, contractors, or other agents.

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