Youth Ambassadors for Urban Mobility Stakeholders Meeting

This programme aims to facilitate and encourage discussions between a number of Youth Ambassadors on the topic of improving Urban Mobility in Malta

The Valletta Design Cluster in collaboration with EIT Urban Mobility RIS Hub Malta is coordinating the youth ambassador programme and facilitating the discussions with local stakeholders in the field to better understand and challenge the Youth Ambassador’s ideas with a final aim of formulating a number of tangible proposals to be put forward.

In 2022, through the Innocap project, the EIT Urban Mobility Malta RIS Hub connected local students (‘Ambassadors’) with local professionals active in the sustainable urban mobility sector to learn about their work.

Continuing from this experience, this programme aims at creating an awareness-raising action plan about sustainable urban mobility options for young people (16-25 years old).

The plan will suggest actions to policy-makers and the local ecosystem may undertake in order to involve this segment of the population more in their planning. 


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