World Heart Day

The cardiac rehabilitation unit in Mater Dei hospital, Malta, organises a yearly event to commemorate World Heart Day, a yearly event which takes place on the 29th of September.

This year, the CR team organised a walk at Ta’ Qali, one of the few open spaces in Malta, to mark this day. The walk covered 3.3 km and was attended by people with established cardiovascular disease, accompanied by relatives and partners. 

A demonstration on CPR by the Maltese Resus Council was also provided at the end of the walk. Moreover, those in attendance were given verbal and written information on healthy eating by members of the health promotion and disease prevention directorate. Attendees were also provided with healthy refreshments, including fruit and snacks, and water.

This event was a collaboration between the cardiac rehab unit, Maltese Cardiac Society, the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention unit, the physiotherapy department (MDH), Resus practice nurses and the Malta Resus Council.


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