West Talks: SDU (sustainable development understanding)

Consists of 3 short videos in voxpop style that diversify what sustainability means to the public and how it’s incorporated in their lives; targeting locals with diverse backgrounds and ages.

The initiative is two-fold, the scope of the voxpop at face value is to highlight current awareness and applicability of sustainable development (SD) throughout the public. It includes questioning on the current level of knowledge of SD and in providing examples of means in which they are acting sustainably. The secondary aim is to view any variation between replies pre- and post-provision of the international definitions of SD and the concept of sustainability. The outcomes interlinked are: 

(a) to instil critical thinking when it comes to buzzwords such as sustainability; 

(b) raise awareness revolving around sustainable action by bringing in closer and more tangible examples by, and for locals; 

(c) link decision-making and frame sustainability in view of citizens’ jobs. 

Resulting infographics and video clips will be disseminated across multiple social and news media platforms as it proves less formal and closer to citizens for outreach and viewing purposes.


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