Waste, an Untapped Resource

An awareness campaign about reducing our carbon footprint by using alternative material. 6 different posters were created and will be showcased at the EsploraCafe.

Reducing our carbon footprint is vital for our environment as well as our well-being. The world is full of engineers, chemists, product designers, artists and scientists who are looking into the future of resources and trying to find ways to reduce or replace harmful materials.

An awareness campaign has been created by Esplora Interactive Science Centre about the use of different types of waste as an alternative material. These materials have smaller negative impact and might even leave a positive effect when reaching the end of their life cycle. Esplora has created the campaign in the form of 6 different posters, each showcasing ingredients such as coffee granules, mushrooms and orange peel that can be used to create coffee cups, packaging material and 3D printing.

To increase the awareness on such an important issue, the science centre will also be posting these posters on its social media and will be linked to a blog on the Esplora website about this crucial subject.


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