Time is a motor by GoT o LuX! Cultural virtual car sharing

Watch your time. Time is a motor…LuX!
(Re) discover the mechanical and automatics pieces of time and preserve the nature

he GoT o LuX!

#esdw 2023

European sustainable development week

Watch your time. Time is a motor…LuX!

Mecanism & batteries

Time is motor (re) discover mechanical and automatic watches, guardians of time with the French Watchmaking Federation.; 

https://federationhorlogerie.fr      :/museum

Limit the use of batteries with elegance and style with the exceptional and ancestral “know-how” of the guardians of the timeand preserve nature.

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Wath your time, time is a motorLuX!

Le temps est un moteur, (re)découvrez les montres mécaniques et automatiques, gardiennes du temps avec la Fédération Française d'Horlogerie.

https://federationhorlogerie.fr                Museum

Limitez l'usage des piles avec élégance et style grâce aux exceptionnels 3savoirs-faire" ancastraux des guardiens  et préservez la nature.

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#ESDW 2023

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