The Nationwide Pink October-Movember ’23 Campaign

A nationwide education campaign fulfilling three of the sustainability goals: Quality Education, Good health and Well being and Gender Equality.

A nationwide campaign focusing on educating and raising awareness with the general public on three common female cancers (breast, ovarian and cervical, two common male cancers (testicular and prostate) and mental health advocacy when facing these cancers and in general.

This campaign will be spread all over the Maltese islands going into schools, offices, factories, churches and spreading its message where ever possible.

This campaign brings together doctors, nurses, philanthropists and lay persons who with their combined efforts in creating and in rolling out this campaign are fulfilling three major sustainability goals mainly sustainability goal no 3: Good health and Wellbeing, sustainability goal no 4: Quality education and sustainability goal no 5: Gender Equality.

Through this project funds are also generated and they will eventually be utilised to once again create services or projects that in turn provide and ensure that the sustainability goals aforementioned are continued.


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