Sustainable Development Day “Plant a tree, dont be a stump!! in Orchard Varaždin

The public orchard will host a panel on forest pedagogy, designing Miyawaki urban forests, as well as workshops on forests and green spaces.

We are joining Sustainable Development Week, under the motto “Think Globally, Act Locally”, with workshops and a lecture in the orchard where we will show you how we contribute to sustainability, while our goal is to raise awareness of important environmental issues. 

Who, what, how and why and where?

Mateja Anđelina Kramar

Forest pedagogy-Children’s world

Ljubimka Hajdin & Helena Hajdin

Designing an urban Miyawaki forest

Urban foresters

Goran Huljenić & Andrija Majić

We in the forest, the forest in us

Biserka Gruden-Joyful children


Making a bivouac “Do it yourself”

Who’s home?

Research introduction garden insects and plants

Kristina Pongrac

Tjednu održivog razvoja, pod motom „Misli globalno, djeluj lokalno“, pridružujemo se uz radionice i predavanje u voćnjaku gdje ćemo Vam pokazati kako doprinosimo održivosti, dok nam je u cilju podići svijest o važnim ekološkim pitanjima. 

Tko, što, kako i zašto i gdje?

Mateja Anđelina Kramar

Šumska pedagogija-Dječji svijet

Ljubimka Hajdin & Helena Hajdin

Dizajniranje urbane Miyawaki šume

Urbani šumari

Goran Huljenić & Andrija Majić

Mi u šumi, šuma u nama

Biserka Gruden-Radosna djeca


Izrada bivka "Do it yourself"

Tko je tu doma?

Istraživačko upoznavanje vrtnih kukaca i biljki

Kristina Pongrac

Theme category

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