Sorting packages is #EASY

We were taking part in a campaign on Adult Learner Week, when friends and colleagues were invited to learn something together on Oct 6 during one hour.

We were learning about sorting packaging – how to do it correctly as a private person and how to start sorting packages in the office. There was lots of discussion and sharing experiences involved! 

Meie kutsusime üle-eestilise õpitunni raames külla Tootjavastutusorganisatsiooni esindaja, kes õpetas meile korrektset prügi ja pakendite sorteerimist. Oli väga vahva loeng, mis algatas palju diskussioone ja suuremat sorti kogemuste jagamise. Saime näpunäiteid pakendite ja prügi sorteerimisega alustamiseks kontoris.

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