Song and Dance Festival of Järva County

Song and Dance Festival of Järva County is an event where the community comes together to sing and dance and spend time together while celebrating their culture.

Song and Dance Festival of Järva County is a significant event for the whole county where musicians and organizers work together to keep local culture alive. Singing and dancing together makes the community breathe in the same rhythm and lets people in Järva County feel themselves as part of the family.

Järvamaa laulu- ja tantsupidu on tähtis üritus kogu maakonna jaoks, kus muusikud ja korraldajad töötavad koos, et hoida kohalik kultuur elus. Koos tantsides ja lauldes hingab kogukond samas rütmis ja nad tunnevad ennast kui osana ühest suurest perest.

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