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What does a safe and secure society mean to YOU? How do we make societies more inclusive? Share your thoughts with UN Youth of Finland and take part in our Sustainable Development Campaign!

To celebrate the European Sustainable Development Week the UN youth of Finland challenges all youth in Europe to take part in our Sustainable Development campaign: Inclusive societies, Sustainable future.Our mission is to spread knowledge and information of the new Sustainable Development Goals by engaging European youth in the process. We have prepared a short survey on security and inclusive societies. This includes goals nro 11: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable and nro 16: Promote just peaceful and inclusive societies.By filling it in you have the chance to take part in this great initiative that aims to build more inclusive societies and therefore a more secure, peaceful and sustainable tomorrow for us all. We want to know what YOU think about all this. – It only takes a few minutes and it is very simple: just click start, fill in the survey and share on social media! 

Osana Euroopan kestävän kehityksen viikkoa Suomen YK-nuoret järjestävät sosiaalisen median kampanjan: Inclusive societies, Sustainable future. Kampanjaan voi ottaa osaa vastaamalla turvallisuuteen ja osallistaviin yhteiskuntiin liittyvään kyselyymme. Haastamme kaikki Euroopan nuoret osallistumaan ja kertomaan mielipiteensä!

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