Scouts Green Challenge 2015 – Kilkis

Scouts celebrate European Sustainable Development Week 2015!

On the occasion of the European Sustainable Development Week 2015, Scouts around the country took a number of initiatives and asked the local authorities, other civil society actors and the general public to join forces with them in spreading the message of RESPONSIBILITY to regenerate, maintain and improve planetary resources for use by future generations. Some of these local actions are presented here!

Το 1ο Σύστημα Προσκόπων Κιλκίς, σε συνεργασία με πολλούς φορείς της κοινωνίας των πολιτών διοργάνωσαν ένα οικολογικό φεστιβάλ με δραστηριότητες για μικρούς και μεγάλους!

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