Plantcushions for Roofinsulation – Participation in the Environmental Festival 2023

I will take part in the Environmental Festival by Vuċi Kollettiva

2nd Malta Environmental festival: a day of inspiration, connection, and celebration:

🎶 Groove to the Rhythms: Dance to the beats of renowned artists who share our passion for the planet, and let the music move your soul.

🌮 Savour Sustainability: Indulge in a wide array of delectable vegan culinary delights, showcasing that going green doesn’t mean sacrificing taste.

🎨 Artistic Expressions: Immerse yourself in the creations of talented local artists, whose works reflect the beauty of nature and the urgency of environmental conservation.

🌐 Uniting Forces: Engage with like-minded businesses, organizations, and individuals who are leading the way in sustainable practices and innovations.

🌍 Together for Tomorrow: Discover interactive exhibits, workshops, and talks that empower you to make impactful changes in your daily life.


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