Paint your own favourite pet/animal/ornament on stick

Paint your own wooden ornament on stick and use it as a plant decoration.

This activity is mainly for children but adults are also welcome. All wood used in recycled wood where the ornament is made of tulip wood (leftovers) bought from carpenters. The stick/dowel is made of pine which is also made from recycled wood. The wooden shaped ornaments take various forms on a wooden dowel. Non-toxic paint and brushes are also provided to the individual participants.

Individual attention is given all throughout the event, which lasts from 10-15 minutes with each child. Whilst painting, discussions are held with all participants about environmental issues, such as recycling, circular economy, reusing unwanted items and respecting mother earth. Parents are also encouraged to use this decoration as a plant decoration.

During this activity, participants are free to choose any colour they wish explaining to them that all these colours reflect our diversity.


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