Map Your Meal photo exhibition

Life of small holder farmers and producers from around the world. Telling the story behind ice cream ingredients with pictures. Perfect for a hot week. Cafe serves Fair Trade drinks :).

With a stunning selections of colourful photos depicting farmers at work, the Map Your Meal photo exhibition takes us on a journey around the world from a Fair Trade sugar plantation in Jamaica, across cocoa farms in Ghana, wheat fields of India and Ethiopia, to Madagascar, where hand pollinated vanilla orchids produce the world’s second most expensive spice. Showing ingredients of one of our favourite treats – we share smallholder farmers’ stories and their products. The exhibition is a tribute to all the men and women involved in farming and producing our food. It is part of a wide range of activities within the Map Your Meal project dedicated to the theme of ethical consumption. The exhibition consists of 15 glass framed A3 photos of different people and products, representing different countries. Each picture comes with an additional 2 page dossier of ice cream ingredients. Each photo gives opportunity to involve in dialogue about ethical issues around our food with particular attention to small hold farmers in the Global South. Topics that can be explored with the photos are: impact of global trade on agriculture, Fair Trade, labour rights and sustainability. Map Your Meal is a three year project run in the UK by Cumbria Development Education Centre. The project aims to help young people understand the impacts of global food production on people and planet and get involved in an international community committed to a more fair and sustainable world.

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