Les découVertes nyonnaises. Une semaine pour tester les initiatives locales et durables.

14 activities during 7 days for 1 objective : to offer the inhabitants of Nyon the possibility to experience the many and local initiatives in favor of sustainable development.

Located between Geneva and Lausanne (Switzerland), the town of Nyon is rich of many local initiatives in favor of sustainable development. Through the event named “les découVertes nyonnaises“, the Municipality of Nyon aims to make them widely known and experienced by its citizens. All activities are free and most of them are organized in cooperation with local associations. 

La ville de Nyon se distingue par la richesse et la diversité des moyens d'action locaux en faveur de la durabilité. A travers les découVertes nyonnaises, la Municipalité souhaite les faire connaître à la population. Organisé en collaboration avec des associations locales, l'entier du programme est gratuit et s'adresse à tous les types de public. 

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