Introducing circular economy in woodcraft

I am involved in circular economy in woodcraft. I reshape and redesign unwanted timber turning it into timeless arts and gifts.

Through my experience I have learnt that implementing the circular model is not only possible but also successful. Implementing a circular economy model is undoubtedly challenging, but it is certainly achievable and practical. Despite all the challenges, I have dedicated myself to embracing circularity.

In line with my ZERO WASTE policy, I avoid investing in branded packaging and rely on the recycled bags and paper bags provided by friends. Utilising QR codes instead of business cards further reduces waste. To engage children in the principles of Circular Economy and Sustainability, I organise activities during events, spreading awareness of waste reduction and resource preservation.

Besides selling my finished products during artisans markets I also organise children’s activities under the name “Paint your own favourite plant decoration”. These decorations are made from tulip and pine wood. These decorations reflects my respect towards our eco system.


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