Introducing Circular Economy in woodcraft and plastic

Introducing Circular Economy in woodcraft and plastic to students aged 7 to 10 years.

I embrace circular economy turning unwanted wood into timeless wood toys and objects d’art. I was invited by San Anton School to introduce woodcraft from recycled wood. For this occasion, I decided to make a wooden toy which the children can use during the summer holidays keeping them occupied. I came out with the idea of a sailing boat made of recycled wood and recycled plastic for the sail. After a short presentation about my work the students had a hand on experience, using screwdrivers and screws, painting and sanding wood. They also used cordless screw drivers and cordless sanders.

All the wood and plastic used is recycled, thus showcasing the importance of recycling, reusing, reducing consumption and finding an alternative use to items which are no longer needed. A true example was my sailing boat which in reality uses wind power and makes no pollution. During the ESDW, the work and activities will be promoted on social media to raise further awareness on sustainable development.


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