How green are your Jeans? Insights into Innovation & ResourceEfficiency linked to ChemicalWaterEnergy nexus.

How green are your Jeans?
Join us for this AskADetoXpert webinar to hear insights into #Innovation & #ResourceEfficiency linked to #ChemicalWaterEnergy nexus.

Considering that at least 2 billion pairs of jeans are manufactured annually, chances are high that you are either wearing one now or have one in your closet. But do you know that this humble denim is famished for water, chemicals, and energy?

By some estimates, global denim production gobbles up at least 2 million tons of chemicals in the process and 2,630 liters of water – per individual pair of jeans. Along with that, 1.4 million tons of raw cotton are also utilized.

Various campaigns by Global Environmental NGOs such as Greenpeace, China’s IPE, and documentaries like “River Blue” have highlighted many of the issues arising from denim production. All in all, there is an urgent need to mitigate these risks via innovation and thoughtful resources efficiency programs to reduce the adverse impact on our environment.

Apart from sharing insights into the innovation and resource efficiency strategies (Water-Energy-Chemical nexus), we will also be deep-diving into issues which have yet to be addressed.

In this live webinar, we will elaborate on how a sustainable Denim industry can be established as below:The Status-Quo

NGO’s Perspective

Denim Brand’s Roadmap

Energy Efficiency Excellence

Putting it to work – Denim Mills’ perspective

How #green are your Jeans?

Join us for this #AskADetoXpert webinar to hear insights into #Innovation & #ResourceEfficiency linked to #ChemicalWaterEnergy nexus.

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