GO Business VIP Forum on Sustainability: A Multidimensional Approach

This forum is being organised by GO for its key clients’ executives. The purpose of the event is to discuss sustainability from different perspectives.

The Forum will be opened by the Chairman of the Malta ESG Alliance (MESGA), followed by a presentation by GO’s CEO on the company’s sustainable strategy. A panel discussion is included in the programme, where leading chief officers will share their company’s experience and their knowledge. Forum is intended to increase awareness on what leading companies in Malta are doing towards a sustainable agenda. The event gives the opportunity for participants mainly CEOs of GO’s key clients to network, discuss and share ideas of how they can transform their business into one which is more sustainable and hence future proof it for the future. 

Reduce, replace and transform are the 3 pillars in GO’s sustainability strategy related to climate change. GO is taking action to reduce its emissions in line with science-based targets. Apart from the environment, a sustainable business requires focus on the social and governance factors to contribute to the triple bottom line – profits, planet and people.


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