From Plate to Purpose: Food Waste Awareness and Multicultural Culinary Sustainability

Food waste reduction awareness & multicultural minimum waste cooking workshop initiative.

Food waste is the 3rd biggest contributor affecting climate change! In Malta alone, each person generates over 60 kg of food waste annually, while simultaneously, 793 million people suffer from undernourishment. This context drives our initiative to integrate sustainable practices into culinary experiences.

The Multicultural Minimum Waste Cooking Workshop offers a solution by sharing waste reduction insights alongside exploring diverse cuisines. Expert chefs teach techniques to minimize waste, promoting responsible consumption.

Additionally, the Food Waste Reduction Awareness Online Program educates individuals on food waste consequences. 

This initiative underscores the vital role of mindful food practices in nurturing an environmentally conscious society.

With this initiative we are adopting a holistic approach to culinary and environmental awareness. It imparts valuable knowledge and skills vital for forging a sustainable future.


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