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The event marks the anniversary of a major protest in Croatian cities in support of the Comprehensive Curricular Reform – a crucial public policy that would increase the quality of life and education.

One year ago, the comprehensive curricular reform in Croatia was all but halted, interrupting the hopes for an educational system which would be more in tune with the desires and needs of pupils, as well as improved lifelong learning opportunities for everyone. To mark the anniversary, we wish to point to several aspects of educational improvements in a constructive way but also with an undertone of protest at the halted reform, whose future is uncertain. Activities will range from a workshop on interculturalism and integration of migrants in education, to discussions, a debate, a living library session with representatives of marginalized groups, presentations of online informal learning tools, all followed by several public actions and an arts programme taking place in the evenings. The various activities will take place in several venues around the city across three days – starting on the morning of May 30 and ending in the evening of June 1.

Prije godinu dana, process cjelovite kurikularne reforme je u Hrvatskoj praktički zaustavljen, čime su prekinute nade za obrazovnim sustavom koji bi bio prilagođen željama i potrebama učenika/ca te potrebi za sustavom cjeloživotnog učenja. U znak godišnjice, želimo na konstruktivan način ukazati na važne aspekte ove reforme, ali I iskazati protest zbog njenog zaustavljanja I neizvjesne budućnosti. Aktivnosti će uključivati radionicu o interkulturalizmu i uključivanju migranata u obrazovanje, diskusije i debate, živu knjižnicu s predstavnicima/cama marginaliziranih skupina, predstavljanje online alata za (neformalno) učenje, te javnim akcijama i večernjim umjetničkim programom. Aktivnosti će se održati na više lokacija u Zagrebu od jutra 30. svibnja, do večeri 1. lipnja.

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