Digitising Malta’s First Autism-Sensitive Resource

Digitising Malta’s first autism-sensitive recreational resource – increasing accessibility for children on the spectrum.

Children on the spectrum have divergent needs and engage with content in different ways. This becomes a challenge when creating dedicated resources, especially those of the recreational kind. ‘Mase in Space’ – Malta’s first autism-sensitive resource does exactly this. It pays particular attention to the fonts used, the colours selected, the positioning of the characters, as well as the rhythm and rhyme used in the storytelling.

The resource was digitised and includes interactive features. GO wanted to make this resource accessible to as many people, families, and children as possible.

The impact is that the online version of Mase in Space broadens the reach and increases the longevity of the resource. More importantly it provides an alternative means of engagement between child and carer/parent, educator, or therapist, in a way which is meaningful to the child, whilst also providing the opportunity to enhance the child’s digital skills. 


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