Commitment to 100% Eco-Schools in 2010

Commitment between NGO, municipality and the directors of schools for 100% of Eco-Schools in Torres Vedras in 2020

As initiative from the municipality of Torres Vedras, was signed a protocol in which FEE Portugal (ABAE),the municipality and representatives of the four schools grouping (Henriques Nogueira, Wood Torres, Father Vitor Melícias and S. Gonçalo) undertake the responsability of working for that ALL (100%)schools in Torres Vedras became Eco-School by 2020. The municipality has now 19 Eco-Schools which corresponds to an implementation rate of approximately 25%

Foi assinado d um protocolo de iniciativa da Câmara Municipal de Torres Vedras no qual a ABAE, o municipio e os representantes dos 4 agrupamentos do concelho (Henriques Nogueira, Madeira Torres, Padre Vitor Melícias e S. Gonçalo) se comprometem a evidar esforços no sentido de que TODAS as escolas de Torres Vedras sejam Eco-Escolas em 2020. O concelho tem hoje 19 Eco-Escolas o que corresponde a uma taxa de implementação de aproximadamente 25%

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