Carbon Footprinting Training and Q and A

Dive into Carbon Footprinting with a trained specialist, get trained on the different Scopes, understand what to measure and how, how to report and where to find the best data.

Carbon Footprinting is a tangible way to record your impacts as a company, to see where to take action, and also to provide clear data for reporting entities to show impact reduction you have achieved over time. Carbon Footprinting offers a clear structure to benchmark, assess, report and move forward. Using the GHG Protocol frameworks, and with years of experience, Gayle Murphy CEO will present to you the basics of what you need to know to get started inhouse, the format of reporting, and how to determine what to report.

Carbon Footprinting gives you an easy way to measure your carbon emissions, should you have an aim of offsetting to carbon neutral. As ever the intention is to see where to reduce the company/organization impacts in the first place. This webinar is a great kickstart to anyone wanting to learn Carbon Footprinting and will give you a discount voucher should you wish to engage us for a full Carbon Footprinting Report as consultants. 


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