#AndSheCycles Campaign Launch

The #andshecycles campaign was developed by Green-Schools to understand and address barriers to cycling for teenage girls, and to empower them to become ambassadors for cycling.

The #andshecycles campaign was developed to explore, understand, and address barriers to cycling for teenage girls. It focuses on encouraging young women -especially teenagers- to embrace the practice of cycling, while recognising and discussing why they feel that cycling might not be for them, and investigating potential solutions to overcome the identified obstacles. Despite the gender specific title of the campaign, #andshecycles aims to be inclusive of trans and intersex women and girls, as well as non-binary and gender fluid people who are comfortable in a space that centres the experience of young women.

There are three programme objectives:

1. Develop role models & leaders for school cycling amongst teenage girls

2. Empower teenage girls to shape the cycle-friendliness of their institutions

3. Provide opportunities for teenage girls to cycle


The #andshecycles Ambassador Programme, then, is about teenage girls taking action and leading the way so they themselves and others have the genuine option to cycle to school and elsewhere. 

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