European Sustainable Development Week Events on SDG 1: No Poverty

Out of the over 1,600 events that will be taking place all over Europe, 38 address SDG 1: No Poverty

Out of the over 1,600 events that will be taking place all over Europe during the ESDW 2019, 38 event currently address SDG 1: No Poverty. SDG 1 seeks to end poverty in all its forms everywhere.

  1. It is hoped that by 2030 extreme poverty for all people everywhere, currently measured as people living on less than $1.25 a day, will be eradicated.
  2. By 2030, reduce at least by half the proportion of men, women and children of all ages living in poverty in all its dimensions according to national definitions.
  3. By 2030, ensure that all men and women, in particular the poor and the vulnerable, have equal rights to economic resources, as well as access to basic services, ownership and control over land and other forms of property, inheritance, natural resources, appropriate new technology and financial services, including microfinance.
  4. By 2030, build the resilience of the poor and those in vulnerable situations and reduce their exposure and vulnerability to climate-related extreme events and other economic, social and environmental shocks and disasters.

Progress being made towards achieving SDG 1

  • The rate of extreme poverty has fallen rapidly: in 2013 it was a third of the 1990 value. The latest global estimate suggests that 11 per cent of the world population, or 783 million people, lived below the extreme poverty threshold in 2013.
  • The proportion of the world’s workers living with their families on less than $1.90 per person a day declined significantly over the past two decades, falling from 26.9 per cent in 2000 to 9.2 per cent in 2017.
  • In 2017, economic losses attributed to disasters were estimated at over $300 billion. This is among the highest losses in recent years, owing to three major hurricanes affecting the United States of America and several countries across the Caribbean.

To find out  more about the ESDW Events dealing with SDG 1: No Poverty, please visit the Activities section on the ESDW website.

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