First European Sustainable Development Week: A great success with 4,116 activities in 29 European countries

The first European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW) took place from 30 May-5 June 2015.

This European-wide initiative was initiated by Austria, France and Germany and supported by the European Sustainable Development Network. It was the aim of the ESDW to stimulate and make visible activities, projects and events that promote sustainable development in Europe. With 4,116 activities in 29 European countries, the ESDW was a great success and showed the variety and breadth of sustainable development and how this concept is realized through practical activities at the European, national, regional and local level all across Europe!

The ESDW website was created to act as a European platform for the registrations of activities and as a central hub for all things related to this week, including detailed information on the individual activities. Through the ESDW website, one could also access the national websites of the five countries (Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, and Hungary) that took part in the ESDW by organising a national week.

Most activities during the ESDW took place in France, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary. In addition, many activities also took place in 24 other European countries. For more information on individual countries and activities, please visit the ESDW website (

Most activities[1] were related to the themes waste and resource conservation (in total, 1246 activities), followed by activities in the area of sustainable consumption (1100), biodiversity (972), energy (719), and buildings/housing (646). Many activities were also related to the themes green jobs/training, climate change, and social inclusion.

The most common types of activities that took place were education events (1004), exhibitions/open houses (831), conferences/workshops (669), excursions/trips (613), and festival/markets (357). The rest were film/theatre events, community events, contests, and sport events.

The most common types of organizers participating in the ESDW with their activities were local governments (1029), civil society organizations (989), businesses (608), education institutions (268), and national government (161). Activities were also organized by regional governments, individual citizens, research institutions, museums/cultural institutions, and European-wide institutions.

Due to the success of the ESDW 2015, an ESDW 2016 will take place on the same dates 30 May-5 June. We are already looking forward to the many interesting and creative activities in the next year!


Lisa Lange, ESDN Office, Institute for Managing Sustainability, E:

[1] Please note that one activity could be registered for more than one theme, thus it could be related to various themes of sustainable development.

Press release post ESDW 2015

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