(Y)OUR MOVE toward Sustainability

With its “(Y)OUR MOVE” campaign, Henkel Ibérica encourages sustainable behavior at work. “You change a little. We change a lot” shows the positive impact that many small individual actions can have.

Over the week, Henkel Ibérica carries out a variety of activities to inspire employees to change their mindset and to adopt more sustainable behaviors. Daily news in the Intranet plus a newsletter that gathers all sustainable actions taking place in the current year have been published. In all the Spanish centers, there are informative posters and activities in order to spread and strengthen our sustainable message.In the office, employees have no personal bins (a box has been delivered to them) and are in charge of recycling its personal waste in the appropriates containers, some of them additionally added in the office.There is an internal competition related to recycling taking place over the week plus a conference talk about the pros of recycling. Moreover, employees have been invited to a healthy breakfast.A press released has been sent to the media with the information of the campaign and the contribution of Henkel filial toward sustainability.

No decorrer desta semana, a Henkel Ibérica está realizar uma grande variedade de atividades que convidam os colaboradores a alterar os seus hábitos para adotarem comportamentos mais sustentáteis. Internamente, publicamos artigos relacionados com a sustentabilidade e criámos uma newsletter que resume todas as iniciativas sustentáveis de 2015. Além disso, em todos os centros da Henkel haverá, durante toda a semana, posters e atividades que reforçam a mensagem de sustentabilidade. Os colaboradores também foram convidados para um pequeno almoço saudável. Toda a informação desta campanha está resumida num comunicado imprensa divulgado aos órgãos de comunicação social.

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