Young SDG Leaders

Young SDG Leaders -this program empower university and high school students to learn about the SDGs, to research on causes about which they are passionate, and to act on creating sustainable impact

By aligning with the global goals for sustainable development, the Young SDG Leaders program seeks to educate and empower young leaders with SDG knowledge and skills, while inspiring companies to take concrete actions for the SDGs. Sustainability has become a mainstream business agenda, from United Kingdom to Asia and beyond. The global challenges such as poverty, climate change, biodiversity loss and gender inequality, can be tackled through greater action by businesses, accelerating the progress to a more sustainable world where no one is left behind. Studies show that responsible businesses committed to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integration generally outperform those that are lagging in climate actions and sustainability practices.

通过与可持续发展目标保持一致的行为,可持续发展目标青年领袖计划旨在推进可持续发展目标的知识和技能对青年领导者进行教育和赋权,同时激励公司为可持续发展目标采取具体行动。 从英国到亚洲乃至其他世界各地,可持续发展已成为主流业务议程。 可以通过企业采取更大的行动来应对诸如贫困,气候变化,生物多样性丧失和性别不平等等全球性挑战,以加快向一个更加可持续的世界发展的进程为方针,期待这个世界上没有任何人被遗忘。 研究表明,致力于环境,社会与治理(ESG)整合而具备责任感的任企业通常胜于在气候行动和可持续性实践方面落后的企业。

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