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The Council is proposing to hold a promotional activity where it shall be promoting amongst its residents the benefits of being eco-friendly and having a green lifestyle.

Through different funding opportunities the Council has managed to purchase a whole fleet of vehicles which are all fully electric with zero emissions. These include an eco-car serving as a transport service for the elderly, eco-truck used by the Council workers for their daily jobs, eco-bike for the community police and an eco-van which is used for daily transport of children towards the childcare centre and also for persons with special needs.

Currently the Council is also embarking into the distribution of the pedlacks project amongst the young generation and into a PV panels project which will be the first of its nature amongst local council with the largest system of PV panels which will reach a zero-carbon footprint. This project will be self sufficient and will though it the Council will sustain the electricity consumption of the football ground, playing fields, astronomy park and a multi-purpose facility which will be implemented in the area. 


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