The SFI/ Irish Aid SDG Challenge

Irish Aid and Science Foundation Ireland will showcase on social media 6 transdisciplinary research teams funded under the SDG Challenge working on innovative and sustainable solutions related to SDG3

The SDG Challenge is a joint initiative of Irish Aid (Department of Foreign Affairs) and Science Foundation Ireland. Its purpose is to support collaborative research teams to develop transformative, sustainable solutions that will contribute to addressing development challenges under the UN SDGs in Irish Aid-partner countries.

Under the SDG Challenge, 6 transdisciplinary research teams are currently funded to develop innovative solutions relating to challenges associated with SDG3: Good health and well-being. Teams represent collaborative efforts between researchers in Ireland and in Irish Aid-partner countries (the current teams work with researchers in Malawi, Uganda, Vietnam and South Africa).

During SDG Week, SFI and Irish Aid will showcase the work of these teams through social media (Twitter and LinkedIn) to raise awareness of the challenges, the need for solutions and the important role that science and technology can play in achieving the SDGs. 


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