The sea starts here: Mustamägi

The campaign “The Sea Starts Here”, aimed at improving the health of Estonian rivers, lakes, and the Baltic Sea, and, above all, raising the environmental awareness of the Estonian people.

We know where the most cigarette butts are in Tallinn! Maailmakoristuspäev Eestis and Pühapäevane prügikoristus piknikuga invite you to pick up the cigarette butts! The cigarette butt that goes unnoticed by the untrained eye is the No. 1 environmental polluter! In Estonia, about 1 billion butts are thrown into the wild every year and we guarantee that half of them are located near the Szolnok Bus Stop!

For the marathon we team up with Lasnamäe, Kalamaja and Pelgulinn crew. Grab gloves, old plastic bags and let the marathon begin!

P.S. Pack breadcrumbs and apple juice, because after cleanup, we will have a picnic on a freshly cleaned lawn!

Me teame, kus on Mustamäel kõige rohkem sigaretikonisid! Maailmakoristuspäev Eestis ja Pühapäevane prügikoristus piknikuga kutsuvad konisid koristama! Treenimata silmale märkamatuks jääv sigaretikoni on keskkonnasaastaja nr 1! Eestimaal satub igal aastal loodusesse ca 1 miljard suitsukoni ja me garanteerime, et suur osa neist asuvad Szolnoki bussipeatuse ümbruses!

Meie konimaratoni paarilisteks on Pelgulinna, Lasnamäe ja Kalamaja meeskonnad! Haarakem kindad, vanad kilekotid ja vaatame, kus konid end peidavad!


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