Sustainable bioenergy options from agricultural residues in the rural areas

The event (exhibition) aims at presenting solutions for the rural communities on using agricultural residues as heating fuel.

Interested participants and stakeholders will have the opportunity to learn more about the energy use of agrobiomass. The exhibition has the aim of showcasing various agricultural biomass types as well as to present different equipment, technologies and biomass based heating solutions (demo activities). 

The event is organized within the framework of AgroBioHeat project financed by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Program by Green Energy Cluster from Romania. 

Participanții la eveniment vor avea ocazia de a afla mai multe detalii despre utilizarea reziduurilor agricole în scop energetic.

Vor fi prezentate diverse tipuri de biomasă, echipamente, tehnologii și soluții de încălzire pe biomasă agricolă (activități demonstrative).

Evenimentul se desfășoară în cadrul proiectului AgroBioHeat, finanțat prin programul UE Horizon 2020, organizat de Clusterul Green Energy din România.

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