Sustainability Strategy Implementation Programme

Implement sustainability strategy into your company or organisation with ease and minimal time. Our 5-step framework helps you move from Objectives to implemented initiatives within 6 weeks.

This course is a holistic Strategic Shift for your company, to go from idea to action. 11 years experience, packaged into 6 weeks of 3-hour weekly sessions. It is a simplified 5-Step Framework based on the ISO and GRI structures. It is deliberately created to be work, time, and cost light, yet doesn’t scrimp on the impacts saved, engagement instigated and tangible results that you can share with clients. It offers your business a tried and tested tailored personal programme of facilitated sessions to assist you to move from aims and objectives to design and full implementation of initiatives, with training for your inhouse team and stakeholders.

It is designed to be fully engaging across your employee demographic and wider stakeholders. Creating buy in, motivation and awareness as part of the package. A great foundation for you to move towards certification it kick starts you for quick wins, laying solid foundations for the future build. And it gets you great results and engagement. 


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