Social media campaign

Adare Tidy Towns Group will be delivering a social media campaign around the UN SDGs over the next week to raise awareness about the goals. Ideas for each SDG will be promoted.

Educational social media clips on The UN SDG’s and how we as individuals can implement them will be delivered throughout SDG week 2022 by Adare Tidy Towns group which is a volunteer group who’s purpose is to take care of and enhance the village of Adare in Co. Limerick Ireland.  We in ATT want to make sure that our residents are aware of the UNSGs and give them ideas on what they can do under each SDG to bring about change so that we future proof our village for future generations.   We want to act local and think global. 

Educational Social Media campaign by a volunteer group called Adare Tidy Towns

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Click link to get detailed information about SDGs..

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