Shrinking Newsrooms in Malta

A panel discussion that will address a very harsh reality: that many newsrooms are shrinking radically, struggling to generate revenue and lure new journalists to a poorly paid, stressful job.

As newsrooms struggle to stay afloat, the small pool of journalists is being stretched across numerous fields, meaning few are gaining expertise in one field, or have the time to explore topics in more depth.

This strain on independent media is a global trend, but in Malta because of the size of the island, and the small number of newsrooms, the pressure is extremely pronounced.

Interestingly, the public remains largely unaware of how the rapidly changing media landscape is putting such pressure on the fourth pillar of democracy.

The panel discussion aims to deepen the public’s knowledge of this issue and to put/keep it on the public agenda.

Joining us on the panel will be representatives from Times of Malta, Lovin Malta, the Institute of Maltese Journalists, MCAST Creative Arts, and finally a representative from the political arena.


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