Regional Exchange and Learning with BONUS RETURN

Welcome to a regional exchange and learning event by BONUS RETURN. Theme: How can we enable circular innovations to trigger sustainable transformations in the Baltic Sea Region?

The Baltic Sea is a hotbed for innovation with a strong tradition of transnational cooperation for a healthy Baltic Sea. At the same time, its rapid growth needs to be reconciled with the challenges of sustainable development.


The nine countries sharing the Baltic Sea have enormous potential to develop a circular Blue Bio-Economy, if the challenges can be transformed into opportunities. To transform the region’s current environmental challenges towards innovation-driven solutions, all policy, financial, social, and scientific parts of the puzzle need to come to place.


Join us on the 30th of May in Helsinki as we co-create solutions to bring about meaningful transformations in the Baltic Sea Region. The event will bring together researchers, innovators, investors, civil society and policy makers in the Baltic Sea Region to enable knowledge exchange and co-learning in relation to systemic innovations for a sustainable Baltic Sea.

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