Project Carbon Green

Project Carbon Green aims to address the operational realities in Hybrid working, build the sustainability of VOs, and enable businesses to meet their CSR requirements in an ethical manner.

This project is in line with the National Strategy for Volunteering 2020 – 2025 and addresses all of its three pillars. The research component and the creation of a consultative roundtable will help us build an evidence-based training program that will address the issues organisations face in moving towards a hybrid-working model. We will also create a space for local VOs to collaborate and build partnerships with other organisations, Government and private entities. It will increase the possibility of these partnerships and lead to activities that will increase citizen participation, foster inclusive participation, improve opportunities for all as well as contribute to achieving Malta’s carbon neutrality targets.

The final outcome will result in a report, which will be available to all, encompassing the working realities of our community, as well as a way forward to improve the sustainability of the voluntary sector and other entities and bridge the gap between VO and business.  


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