On My Wish List

The initiative encourages LLF stakeholders to raise awareness of the value of Freedom of Expression and Cultural Participation within Agenda 2030, focusing on the link between Fashion and SDGs

LLF initiative titled ‘On My Wish List’ for ESDW week and realized with its Lady Lawyer Fashion Archive (LLFA) addresses the organization’s stakeholders, and specifically War and Fashion Consultation (http://war-and-fashion.tumblr.com/) participants, encouraging them to think about ways to link Human Rights, Fashion sector, Sustainable Development Goals and express the output in pictures in any visual way.  The most creative and innovative idea is awarded a work by the artist collective ‘5, 7, 5 : 8’ hosted within LLFA Artist-In-Residence Program (https://ladylawyerfashionarchive.wordpress.com/2017/02/25/spring-is-coming/).

Per la settimana ESDW, LLF, con l’iniziativa ‘On My Wish List’ realizzata con il suo Lady Lawyer Fashion Archive (LLFA), si rivolge ai propri stakeholder e, specificamente, ai partecipanti alla consultazione War and Fashion (http://war-and-fashion.tumblr.com/), incoraggiandoli a individuare i legami tra Diritti Umani, Moda e Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile ed esprimerli in immagini in ogni possibile strumento visivo. All’idea più creativa e innovativa, è riconosciuta un’opera del collettivo di artisti  ‘5, 7, 5 : 8’ , ospitato nell’ambito del Programma di residenza d’Artista di LLFA (https://ladylawyerfashionarchive.wordpress.com/2017/02/25/spring-is-coming/).   

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