“No Leftovers Malta” is a three-pronged initiative by the Malta Human Rights Education Centre that strives to create a bridge between the ‘Right to Food’ and its accessibility to all.

Through this Initiative, MHREC aims to foster awareness on sustainable and responsible consumption and production, and create an open dialogue where members of societies are given the opportunity to engage and participate in the eradication of food waste.

The Initiative aims at providing a platform for the Maltese community to inform, share and practice responsible consumerism. The objective is to bring forward a forum where stakeholders and main actors can communicate easily and pave the way to a more sustainable, waste-free and fair community. The target focus groups include goods providers (mainly food retailers) and consumers specifically non-governmental organizations and other volunteering spheres that are or can benefit from the distribution of food that would otherwise go to waste.


Outreach and Online Engagement: 30 August-12 September 2021

Research and Discussion: 13-26 September 2021

Implementation and Reporting: 27 September-10 October 2021


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