Meeting of a working group in Urban distribution of goods

Meeting of municipalities with the aim of deepening knowledge of the logistics of urban distribution, focused in the first/last mile of freight movements, and the interface where deliveries occur.

Technical working group formed of environmental, mobility and local police technicians with the aim of helping municipalities to characterize the problems associated with urban distribution of goods and means of transport associated with consumption and finding agreed solutions to make it more efficient and sustainable.


The Department of Environment and Territorial Policy of the Basque Country leads this working group, which is aligned with the objectives of the European Union established in the White paper on Transport 2050, in coordination with the Basque Logistics Institute.

Grupo de trabajo técnico constituido por personal de medio ambiente, de movilidad y de la policía local, con el objetivo de ayudar a los municipios a caracterizar las problemáticas asociadas a la movilidad urbana de mercancías y medios de transporte asociados al consumo, y a buscar soluciones consensuadas, eficientes y sostenibles.

El Departamento de Medio Ambiente y Política Territorial del Gobierno Vasco en coordinación con el Instituto Vasco de Logística lidera este grupo de trabajo alineado con los objetivos de la Unión Europea establecidos en el Libro Blanco del Transporte 2050.

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