Malta Libraries…part of the change!

The initiative will consist of 3 street market visits where the libraries’ services will be promoted with the community. Informative posts will also be published contributing to more SDGs awareness.

Malta Libraries has public libraries dotted around Malta and Gozo, with the aim of promoting reading habits and literacy in the community. Malta Libraries’ services are free and accessible for all age and social groups. Both the physical books as well as the digital books available on the Libby and Octavo apps offer endless content and knowledge in relation to all SDGs.

Through a series of street market visits in a number of localities Malta Libraries will be creating a space to meet people and enable the community to increase its awareness of the nearby libraries and the services offered, especially for people who do not have access to the internet or social media. Apart from increasing the quality of education, Malta Libraries will also be reducing inequalities since the service is open to all.

An online campaign will also be organised whereby, through social media, reading material informing and educating people about several SDGs will be suggested. 


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