Journée Tourisme Durable Clef Verte-Le French Time/ Sustainable Tourism day Green Key-Le French Time

An event organized by Green Key and Le French Time to enlight sustainable tourism concerns in Normandie region

To celebrate its partnership with Le French Time, Green Key France is organizinga day around sustainable tourism in Normandie. THis event will take place in one of the 226 awarded campsites this year in France (and member of the group Le French Time) It will welcome officials from the Region Normandie, from the Tourism Comitee of Normandie and any interested owners and managers of the hospitality sector in the area. This event  aims at introducing Green Key France and its actions, presenting the French Time commitments for sustainable tourism and introducing the support the Region Normandie could offer to project owners.

This day will end with an Afterwork and Networking to share the best practices existing in the field.

Dans le cadre de son partenariat avec le French Time et avec la participation de la Région Normandie et du CRT Normandie, la Clef Verte organise un " Instant Clef Verte" au sein de l'un des 226 campings labellisé: le Castel Camping Le Brévedent.

Au programme: 

-L'engagement  développement durable du French Time et Signature du partenariat avec la Clef Verte

-L'actualité du Tourisme Durable et du label Clef Verte

-Le Tourisme Durable en Normandie

-Une visite du Camping Le Brévedent pour découvrir ses actions environnementales

-Afterwork avec partage de solutions durables et Networking

Theme category

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