Instilling a sustainable culture

1. Interactive mailshots to all employees.
2. Informative session to all employees.
3. Include a banner to email signatures.
4. Collection of e-waste.

Informative Mailshots

On designated days interactive and informative mailshots will be sent to all employees with the aim to raise awareness of what practical steps they can take with regards to sustainability addressing topics such as:

• minimising the use of plastic

• conserving energy within the office

• benefits of investing in office plants

• encourage employees to go for organic fruit and vegetables

Informative Session

Dr Marco Cremona, Hydrologist/Water Treatment Engineer will deliver an interactive session to all employees on water conservation with the aim of engaging members of staff on the topic of sustainable development.

Related material will also be distributed to raise further awareness.

Think before printing campaign

Email signatures will include a banner to spread the message to avoid needless printing.

Collection of E-Waste

There will also be a collection for unwanted electronic items.

At the end of the week, the collected waste will be taken to a civic amenity site. 


Theme category

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