Implementing Successful Sustainability Online Course

Learn how to implement sustainability successfully. From policy writing, systems design to stakeholder engagement. All online, in a private members area, at your own pace.

Taught by Gayle Murphy, CEO of Global Green Events Ltd, Sustainable Eats & Treats and Strategic Roots, this online self-paced course enables you to tap into her years of experience dealing with clients from governmental organisations, PCO’s, NGO’s and tour group and event organisers.

Sustainability is a thriving upcoming area of business, tourism, events and culture, with the benefits of implementation reaching far beyond the costs of outlay. It is not just about ESG reporting, it is about behaviour change and making a difference. 

This is a must for all organisations, companies and individuals wanting to step forward into a long term sustainable future and make its mark in the international playing field. Learn at your own pace, get started today. This course includes self-guided tasks that means you can follow our frameworks to implementation. Over ten sessions you will gain knowledge, frameworks, tools and techniques to take your initiatives from concept to review. 


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