“I have a dream…”

Students in Tourism and Home Economics will seize the opportunity of this week to launch the themes they will work on all year round and which are closely connected to sustainability.

In both trainings, Home Ecs and Tourism, we – teachers – strongly underline the importance and potential of sustainability. It is the heart of our curriculum.

The recent crisis and lockdown have led us to reconsider our daily lives, habits and look differently at the communities we are living in: they thus have become more meaningful. Words such as solidarity, support, “sharing and caring” have found a new echo.

We would like our students to take the time to look back at the episode they have just experienced and consider the new yearnings, dreams or ambitions which stemmed from it.

Thanks to Corto Fajal and his experience in “Bretagne romantique”(https://www.tedxrennes.com/tedxconversation-corto-fajal/ ) , we will explore the bounds which exist between a community and its territory and the importance to strengthen them.

Dans le domaine de l'ESF comme du Tourisme, le développement durable est au coeur de nos enseignements.

La crise que nous venons de traverser nous a conduit à interroger nos habitudes, notre quotidien, nous conduisant à aspirer à d'autres choses.

Nous avons redécouvert des termes tels que "communauté(s)", "territoire(s)" et les liens les unissant.

Corto Fajal vient partager son experience et la réflexion qui en a découlé.

Une approche concrète et enthousiasmante.

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