“I do not waste, I share” / “Yo no desperdicio, yo comparto”

“Yo no desperdicio” is the first collaborative consumption web and mobile application to reduce food waste within households in Spain.

Citizens in general are not aware of the environmental, economic and social impact that food waste generates. Raising awareness on this issue will contribute to taking responsible and conscious decisions with regards to our common domestic consumption and the conservation of food. Acting at a local level and on an everyday basis, will have a direct global impact.

The “I do not waste, I share” initiative invites you to join a collaborative consumption platform to reduce food waste within households and to contribute to the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Due to its important impact on climate change, the sustainability of the planet and the fight against hunger, food waste reduction is clearly stated in the 2030 sustainable development agenda as one of the targets to be achieved. Our proposal specifically aims to contribute to the achievement of SDG nº 12, target 3.


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