Greencities: 11th Forum of Urban Intelligence and Sustainability

Greencities is the reference meeting for all the agents involved in the construction of smart and sustainable cities in Spain.

From a humanistic vision of the digital society, Greencities invites people to cocreate projects, establish contacts, count ideas, offer services, approach new technologies and obtain inspiration.  

Greencities is the only event in the sector that offers a unique, real opportunity to network between companies and cities, that is, to design the future together. 

Greencities is a reference event on urban sustainability: it focuses on the debate on the future of cities, so that they are sustainable and smart, as well as implement their policies based on the ODS. It integrates and impacts on all 17 ODS.

Desde una visión humanística de la sociedad digital, Greencities invita a conectar proyectos, establecer contactos, contar ideas, ofrecer servicios, abordar las nuevas tecnologías y obtener inspiración.

Es el único evento del sector que ofrece una oportunidad única y real de hacer networking entre empresas y ciudades, es decir, de diseñar juntos el futuro.

Greencities es un evento de referencia sobre sostenibilidad urbana: se centra en el debate sobre el futuro de las ciudades, para que sean sostenibles e inteligentes, así como ejecuten sus políticas en base a los ODS. Integra y repercute en los 17 ODS.

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